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General Questions About
Care Covr

Am I eligible for coverage if I quit my job?

Unfortunately No. As with any type of supplemental unemployment insurance, Care Covr is activated only in the case of involuntary unemployment.

Will Care Covr pay my childcare provider in the case of a pandemic?

Not at this time. Pandemic coverage, or any other event triggered by a national emergency is being considered as we launch.

When will policies be available for sale?

We are working hard to launch and anticipate being able to accept our first policies this fall/winter.

Can I get coverage for more than one child?

Yes. Our policies cover one child per policy.

Can I be paid directly instead of my daycare provider?

Care Covr coverage was designed specifically to place childcare providers as the beneficiary.

Can I use Care Covr to pay for babysitters?

At this time policy beneficiaries must be accredited and/or licensed primary care institutions.

Can I still apply for coverage if I am ineligible for unemployment insurance?

As long as we can verify that you lost your job through no fault of your own you are eligible for coverage.

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